Hi, I’m Amanda Brown

Yes, that’s my real name. I’m a Minneapolis city-dweller with a passion for cooking with the highest quality local and seasonal ingredients. I provide healthy and delicious, paleo(-ish), vegetable-forward recipes, inspiration and resources.

I launched this site in June of 2016 for health-minded foodies and home cooks like myself who refuse to compromise on flavor and have a strong desire to obtain their food from sources that support local family farms and that don’t destroy the environment or their physical health. It’s a lot to expect out of a simple meal, and I hope to ease the tension between taking it from an idealistic notion to reality.

I had been thinking of starting a food-related blog for a few years but kept putting it off. The second week of June 2016, I received my first Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) box of vegetables from Avodah Farm and knew immediately what I wanted to blog about. I felt equally inspired and intimidated and wanted to ensure I made full use of the vegetables I received each week. I figured I might not be the only one who is overwhelmed and decided to share my journey. Truth be told, I’m not an expert and am still evolving and learning as I go, but I’m happy as long as I’m continually creating (and eating) amazing food!

Who am I and how did I get here?

I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and am a creative entrepreneur by day… Kind of makes shooting photos and designing a blog a little more fun, anyway. I currently live in South Minneapolis with my fur babies, Emi, the Shiba Inu and Princess, the Siamese cat.

Growing up, my dad was a fantastic cook. My favorite dish was “Fettuccine Al-Daddy-O” (my name for it), made the real way–with just a light coating of butter, cream, parmesan, and nutmeg. However, I also had my fair share of super processed typical kids’ fare. Boxed Mac & Cheese was my second favorite dish. Additionally, seconds and even thirds were always encouraged in my family, and I was overweight as a kid until joining the swim team in Junior High.

Maintaining my newfound thin-ness and vanity became top priority in my early twenties as I began developing my career in an image centric industry. With exercise lacking in my life and most of my time spent at a desk, I turned to lean cuisines and a host of other unhealthy attitudes and behaviors regarding food and eating. In my mid-twenties, I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and it completely changed the way I ate. I started shopping at my local co-op, eating full fat dairy and skin-on chicken, and also caught the cooking bug. I haven’t touched a lean cuisine since.

A few years after my personal food revolution, I started to suspect I had some level of intolerance to the gluten in bread and pasta (my two favorite things, of course). I stumbled across a few Primal/Paleo resources online and made several overly rigid attempts but got bored quickly and found it difficult to sustain long term. I’ve been taking it both more seriously and less perfectly since joining a Crossfit box in February of 2016. I aim for the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating, and barring any future diagnosis of celiac disease, I will occasionally indulge and completely enjoy a nice piece of crusty bread, fresh pasta or neapolitan style wood-fired pizza margherita.